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SemSim Study plan

    Developing an effective study plan is essential. SemSim Study plan has been devised by our certified experts to help you follow an optimal study path while using SemSim. The study plan has been devised to ease understanding of complex network problems and enable maximum retention. It takes an incremental hands-on approach to learning and testing. The following is a simple 5 point study plan that will ensure your certification success and indepth knowledge!

Step 1: Perform the Labs in "Learn Mode". Use the radio button on your left to switch between learn mode and test mode. By performing 33 detailed lab scenarios you will get an understanding of how concepts are applied in real network scenario.

Step 2: Perform the 33 Labs in "Test Mode" comprising of over 270 steps!  Use this to discover your weak areas and get repeated hands-on practise on them.

Step 3: Use the over 70 Flash Cards for revision.  These are designed to tremendously speed up the memorization process. Flip through the fash cards till each is committed to your memory.

Step 4: Undertake the 3 Tests to perform  a reality skill assessment and sharpen configuration skills.

Step 5: Perform the 6 Troubleshooting exercises in "Test Mode" and get a feel of the real exam / networking environment. If you are unable to troubleshoot, switch to "Learn Mode" and review the Tips provided for troubleshooting. Troubleshooting will give you a measure of your assimilation of the subject and your an opportunity to apply your overall knowledge. Once again, you can easily review those areas that you remain weak in, and master router configuration without effort.