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Tutorial Labs

    SemSim Cisco Router Simulator includes the following CCNA™ tutorial labs. These router simulation based virtual labs provide extensive practice for CCNA™.  These CCNA™ labs can be performed in  test mode or in tutorial (learn) mode.


  • About The Labs
  • Starting Up
    •  Router Startup
    • Router Modes
  • Help & Editing
    • System Help Commands
    •  Terminal History
    •  Enhanced Editing
  • Router Status
    • Configuring Banners
    •  MOTD Banner
    •  EXEC Banner
    •  Login Banner
  • Line Configuration
    •  Console Configuration
    •  Auxiliary Configuration
    •  Virtual Terminal Configuration
  • Passwords And Identification
    •  Setting Hostname
    • Manging Passwords
  • Configuring Interfaces
    • Configuring Serial Interface
    • Configuring Ethernet Interface
    • Viewing Interface Status
  • Configuration Management
    • Viewing Configuration
    • Saving/Loading Configuration Loading
    • Configuration From an TFTP server
  • Managing Domain & more
    • Domain Configuration
    • Host Name Mapping
    • Name Server & Http Server
  • Routing Protocols
    •  RIP Routing
    • IGRP Routing
    •  Managing IP Routing
  • Managing CDP
    • Configuring CDP Timers
    • Viewing CDP Information
    • Enabling/Disabling CDP
  • Test Connectivity
  • Managing ACL
    • Defining ACL
    • Applying ACL
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