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Course Features & Benefits

SemSim brings to you effective CCNA study material  and courseware that drives real results! SemSim CCNA Training Course makes your CCNA study easy by offering you the following features and benefits:

  •  Full Participation Learning Powered By Latest E-learning Technology: SemSim removes the monotony of text books/videos along with the inconvenience of the classroom training. Interactive simulations and exercises keep you engaged throughout the learning experience. Audio along with informative graphics makes you stay involved even in the most dragging exam topics. Buy Access Now and make your CCNA study fun and interesting !

  •  Increase Retention Drastically: SemSim Cisco CCNA Training Course facilitates easy retention through highly interactive exercises, rich graphics, high-quality audio, and clear to understand text. SemSim also provides you immediate practice with what you read, through simulations, so you experience a much higher retention rate.

  • Progressive Learning: Ensures Easy Understanding SemSim breaks large CCNA certification learning objectives down to smaller lessons with an interactive exercise after every few screens. Interactive exercises and short quizzes spread throughout the course, ensure that you have a solid understanding of the basic concepts before you proceed towards advanced topics. Mid-way assessments measure your progress, and end of chapter tests provide you with an indication of your level of assimilation of the topic.

  • Quick Revision Support: Easy Navigation allows you to navigate straight to the topics that you are weak in. You can focus on what you need - skip what you know or don't need - or, repeat sections. you are in total control of your learning.

  • Teaches Through Hands-on Practice: Includes simulation labs so you can practice what you learn. This increases retention many times more than simple text based reading. Our CCNA simulations also include a demonstration mode to actually show you how to perform configuration tasks.

  • Adds Flexibility To Your study Schedule: SemSim CCNA Training course lets you do your CCNA study at your own pace, at your preferred time. With easy online access to the study matrial, you're always in control of learning when and where. For the duration of your subscription, you get unlimited access 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

  • Supplements Your Current Learning Resources: We understand that a lot students use multiple resources/books to study. We have designed SemSim CCNA Course such that besides being self contained, it makes an excellent supplement to any existing CCNA study material that you might be using. Go straight to the topics you are weak in, or just use the many quizzes and interactive simulation exercises to learn hard to understand exam objectives with ease.

SemSim Online Cisco CCNA Certification Training course is based on the latest exam format and covers exam objectives in depth - complete with built in tips and simulations.

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