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Product Comparison

  SemSim CCNA Exams Our Competitors
Price US$ 39 US$ 50-150
Timed Exams
Study by Exam Objective
Simulation Questions Vendor Dependent (Extent of Simulation Support Varies)
Support for CCNA's Latest Command Based Fill-In-The Blanks Questions
High Precision Weight-Based Marks Calculation Mechanism
Test Pass Guarantee Vendor Dependent (Mostly not unconditional, Read fine print carefully)
Detailed Explanations Vendor Dependent
Predefined Mock Exams
Create Your Own Mock Exams Vendor Dependent
Quick Revision Flash Cards Vendor Dependent
Endorsed by Industry Experts Vendor Dependent

The above table is based on a comparative study of SemSim and several competitors (which have been aggregated in the table). Below, you'll see that our test software provides one of the largest library of CCNA questions and question types, uses similar technology to the actual exam, and is praised by leading industry experts and certification trainers.

Question Types; SemSim CCNA Exams Our Competitors
Multiple Choice (Single Response)
Multiple Choice (Multiple Response)
Support for CCNA's Latest Command Based Fill-In-The Blanks Questions
Simulation Questions Vendor Dependent (Extent of Simulation Support Varies)
Drag and Drop Questions
HotSpot Questions
Multiple Choice with Image Exhibits

SemSim is able to offer you the guarantee that:


Several salient features such as accurate computation of score using an advanced weight based scoring system similar to that used on the real exam, help you get an estimate on your score on the actual exam. That's why we have an unconditional 100% refund policy, with absolutely no hassles, in event of you not passing. We are so sure you will pass that incase of the rare event of failing score, you don't even need to return our product - just present your failing score!

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