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IP Addressing Tutorial

CCNA [Home] >> Learning Center>> Interactive Tutorials

Top Deals Of The Day:
Top Deals Of The Day: Tutorial on understanding IP addressing. The broad course of objectives are:

  • Learn IP addressing fundamentals
  • Types of Addresses: Physical, IP & Port addresses
  • Relationship of OSI Layers and Addresses in TCP/IP
  • Special Addresses: Unicast, Multicast & Broadcast
  • Notations of IP Addressing
  • Classes of IP Addressing Explained
  • LoopBack & Private IP Address
  • Determining the Class of an Address
  • Extracting Net id and Host id
  • IP Address Decimal and Binary Conversions
  • Special Addresses
  • Sample Internet
  • IP Versions: Ipv6 and Advantages
  • DNS
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