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Supported Commands

The following are the commands supported by SemSim in the major configuration modes. Besides these SemSim also supports commands in line configuration mode. Help to complete partial or incomplete commands is also provided. The major modes supported are:

User Mode Commands

Supported Commands

Supported Help Commands




enable ?


ping ?


show ?


show ip ?


terminal ?

show history

terminal history ?

terminal history size

terminal history size ?

terminal no history

terminal no ?

show hosts


show flash


show version


show users


show clock



Privileged Mode Commands

Supported Commands

Supported Help Commands

configure terminal


copy running-config startup-config

configure ?

copy startup-config running-config

copy ?

copy tftp running-config

copy running-config ?


copy startup-config ?


copy tftp ?


enable ?


show cdp ?


no ?


ping ?

configure terminal

show ?

terminal help

show cdp interface ?

terminal history size

show interfaces ?

terminal no history

show interfaces serial ?

show access-lists

show interfaces ethernet ?

show cdp

show ip ?

show cdp interface

show ip interface ?

show cdp interface serial

show ip interface ethernet ?

show cdp interface ethernet

show ip interface serial ?

show cdp neighbors


show clock


show configuration


show history


show hosts


show flash


show interfaces serial


show interfaces ethernet


show ip access-lists


show ip interface


show ip interface ethernet [0|1]


show ip interface serial 0


show ip protocols


show ip route


show protocols


show running-config


show startup-config


show users


show version



Configuration Mode Commands

Supported Commands

Supported Help Commands

access-list <1-99> deny any


access-list <1-99> permit any

access-list ?

access-list <1-99> permit host

access-list [1-99] ?

access-list <1-99> deny host

access-list [1-99] [permit|deny] ?

banner exec

access-list [1-99] [deny|permit] host ?

banner login

access-list [1-99] [deny|permit] any ?

banner motd

access-list [1-99] [deny|permit] A.B.C.D ?

cdp holdtime

banner ?

cdp run

banner [login|exec|motd] ?

enable password

cdp ?

enable secret

cdp holdtime ?


cdp timer ?


hostname ?


interface ?

interface ethernet

ip ?

interface serial

ip domain-name ?

ip domain-lookup

ip domain-lookup ?

ip domain-name

ip host ?

ip host [name] [address]

ip host [name] ?

ip http server

ip host [name] [address] ?

ip name-server

ip name-server ?

ip routing

line ?

line aux

line [aux|vty|console] ?

line console

no ?

line vty

no access-list ?

network [network mask]

no banner ?

no access-list

no cdp ?

no banner exec

no cdp holdtime ?

no banner login

no cdp run ?

no banner motd

no cdp timer ?

no cdp run

no enable ?

no cdp timer

no ip ?

no cdp holdtime

no ip host ?

no enable

no ip http ?

no interface

no router ?

no ip domain-lookup

no router igrp ?

no ip domain-list

router ?

no ip host

router igrp ?

no ip http server


no ip name-server


no ip routing


no network [network mask]


no router igrp


no router rip


router igrp


router rip





Interface Configuration Mode Commands 

Supported Commands

Supported Help Commands



cdp enable bandwidth ?
clock rate cdp?
description cdp enable ?
exit clock ?
help clock rate ?
ip access-group [1-99] [in|out] description ?
ip address [A.B.C.D] [mask] ip ?
keepalive ip access-group ?
no cdp ip access-group [A.B.C.D] ?
no cdp enable ip address ?
no ip address [A.B.C.D] [mask] ip address [A.B.C.D] ?
no ip access-group [1-99] [in|out] keepalive ?

no shutdown

no ?
shutdown no ip ?


no ip access-group ?


no ip access-group [1-99] ?


no cdp ?


no clock ?


no clock rate ?


no shutdown ?