Customer Testimonials

This is the right product for new Cisco professionals to gain hands-on experience with actual network scenarios and to get a feel of Cisco routers without spending a fortune. Setting up home labs is tedious. I found using a simulator to be a neat solution. I found it much faster and reliable than logging into remote network. The educational material with the software SemSim was a big help too.
---Tyler Chin, CCNA�

    Brilliant simulator and cheap too!! I 'll recommend your product to everyone. The Labs gave me good experience in practicing everything I read in the CCNA textbook. It saved me a lot of money to buy this product. I found it complete and accurate for my CCNA exam.
---Steve Drucker, CCNA�

    SemSim is good to learn on. It gives you a feel of how the IOS works. It is definitely worth the money and illustrates important concepts well. We are a group of 5 students and all of us passed in the first go. I recommend it to anyone taking CCNA!
---Rajat Dave, CCNA�

    Great IOS Simulation. Thanks, just wanted to let you guys know it's nice to have a good and affordable simulator in the market.
---J. Smith

    Much better than purchasing Cisco routers. I was in two minds but am glad that I opted for SemSim. I found the simulation accurate and the troubleshooting labs were just what I needed to pass the CCNA exam. I passed with a 950/1000!
---Rohit Gandhi, CCNA�

    Worked great for me! I passed the CCNA using the lab and tests that come with this product. Once you go through the included labs and tests, exam questions are a cake!
---Nick Booth, CCNA�

    Great product. The tests and troubleshooting labs were my favorite. They provided me with steps to follow on the CCNA exam troubleshooting labs and I scored perfectly on the scenario questions. Great value product!!!
---Martin Cook

    Saved $800 that I was about to spend on setting up a home lab. I liked the simple and easy to follow instructions. You definitely need something like that is more than a book to get a deeper understanding. I was just trying to learn basic router configuration and this certainly helped!
---Dave Brady

    Great Price....Great Product. Keep up the good work!
---Tanya Albert

    Provides a hands-on interactive experience. It will make you familiar with all the key commands you'll need on CCNA exam. Good tool to learn router configuration and practice labs. The interface is simple clean and fast.
---Robert Braun, CCNA�