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Glossary: CCNA & General Networking Terms 


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A popular implementation of TCP/IP and associated protocols for amateur packet radio systems. See also: TCP/IP Protocol Suite. [Source: RFC1208]
Kilobits (thousand - or strictly 2 to the power 10 - bits) per second.
Kentish MAN
Metropolitan Area Network for Kent (there is no MAN of Kent).
Kerberos is the security system of MIT's Project Athena. It is based on symmetric key cryptography. See also: encryption. [Source: RFC1392]
A popular file transfer protocol developed by Columbia University. Because Kermit runs in most operating environments, it provides an easy method of file transfer. Kermit is NOT the same as FTP. See also: File Transfer Protocol [Source: MALAMUD]
The level of an operating system or networking system that contains the system-level commands or all of the functions hidden from the user. In a Unix system, the kernel is a program that contains the device drivers, the memory management routines, the scheduler, and system calls. This program is always running while the system is operating.
A "Knowledge Robot" is a program which seeks out information based on specified criteria. "Knowbot," as trademarked by CNRI, refers specifically to the search engine for Knowbot Information Services. See also: Corporation for National Research Initiatives, X.500, white pages, whois, netfind. [Source: RFC1983]
Knowbot Information Services
An experimental directory service. See also: white pages, WHOIS, X.500. [Source: RFC1983]


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