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Glossary: CCNA & General Networking Terms 


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Visual Basic Scriplet (Microsoft).
A Gopher utility which effectively searches Gopher servers based on a user's list of keywords. The name was chosen to be a "mate" to another utility named "Archie." It later became an acronym for Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index to Computer Archives. See also: archie, Gopher. [Source: RFC1983]
virtual circuit
A network service which provides connection-oriented service regardless of the underlying network structure. See also: connection-oriented. [Source: RFC1392]
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A client across a public network such as the Internet may appear to be part of a private network by encapsulating the private packets inside public packets which are routed in the normal way to a device (typically a firewall) on the private network which unpacks them and sends them on the private network, a process known as tunnelling. The tunnel can exist at the data link layer using Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) or the IETF standard Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) from RFC 2661, or at the IP layer using IETF-defined IP Security (IPsec) protocol extensions from RFC 2402 and RFC 2406. There should also be some form of authentication and authorisation, and encryption of at least the authentication process (and preferably data transfers too) so IPsec is the most desireable method.
A program which replicates itself on computer systems by incorporating itself into other programs which are shared among computer systems. See also: Trojan Horse, worm. [Source: RFC1392]
See: Virtual Private Network
Video Technology Advisory Service, a UKERNA service.

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